About the BOOST Conference Front Porch

The BOOST Conference believes in “intentional collisions” and creates a space for this throughout the entirety of the BOOST Experience. We create opportunities and space to generate new ideas, meet new people, network, create, innovate, share, learn, think, and collaborate.

WhAT IS a Front Porch?

Front Porches are an extension of our Exhibit Hall, located in the hallway outside of our Exhibit Hall. They are welcoming, purposeful places designed by YOU and are meant for intentional collisions- a place for BOOSTers to naturally and organically “collide” with other like-minded folks. This exhibit space is available on a first-come, first-placed basis. 

Attendee works at BOOST Conference Front Porch

What is it?

A Front Porch can be anything you want it to be!

-Exhibit Booths (overflow) 
-Pop-Up Shops
-Cell phone charging stations
-A place to sit, relax, and network with other BOOSTers
-Maker Stations
-Photo Booths
-An interviewing station to recruit new hires 
-Survey and discussion stations
-Instagram/photo booth/social media hub for photos and content creation

Where is it?

Front Porches are 8x10 areas located in the hallway directly outside of the exhibit hall and general session room. 

Pop Up shop at 2019 BOOST Conference Front Porch

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Front Porch Booth Space
$1,500 each (includes two name badges) 

Create a relaxed sitting area or interactive experience for attendees in the Palm Springs Convention Center hallway outside of the Exhibit Hall. Throw your personalized touch on it by choosing a theme, providing comfy chairs, and more! Your company logo will be featured on the conference website, digital brochure, and official conference app.

Interested in this opportunity? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2024 Front Porch Schedule

Wednesday 7:30AM-4:00PM Thursday 8:00am-3:31pm

1.  Guidebook Conference App Support 
2. 9 Square in the Air
3. California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC)
4. Funtology Fundamentals & iFuntology 

5. Kodely 
6. Unwind Design 
7. LEGO Education 
8. Homeroom
9. BOOST Airstream Park Charging & Networking Station

BOOST Conference Front Porch

Front Porch Contact

To get your organization noticed with our prominent Front Porch opportunity, please contact:


Andrea Seals Wilson, Exhibit & Sponsorship Account Director 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 619-940-6371


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