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Each year, we are pleased to welcome many talented authors to the BOOST Conference. Attendees will have an opportunity to pre-purchase keynote speaker books at the time of online registration and have them signed in the exhibit hall during the conference. Due to high demand, we are oftentimes unable to guarantee the availability of books on-site. Additional authors will be selling their books at their booths through the conference. 


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Wednesday, April 27




Jason Lindsey round  Big Science Experiements for Little Kids Book Jacket Jason Lindsey

Jason Lindsey (He/Him/His)
STEM Certified Educator, Science Multimedia Journalist, Host, and Freelance Meteorologist, Hooked on Science, Paducah, KY

Big Science Experiments for Little Kids
In the book, entertainment meets education with thrilling science experiments for kids. Young children are naturally curious and love to discover new things about the world around them. “Big Science Experiments for Little Kids" helps kids explore their inquisitive side with fun, hands-on experiments, using ingredients from around the house.
Booth 0106

Justin McGlamery round  Focus Your Locus book cover Justin McGlamery

Justin McGlamery
Chief Locus Focuser, Focus Your Locus, Hartford, CT

Focus Your Locus: Activities that Focus the Power of Individuals and Groups
Focus Your Locus presents theories and activity groupings that can be used by counselors, teachers, experiential educators, and facilitators to return individuals or whole groups to a more focused frame of mind. By understanding locus, or the center of control within, we can learn to increase our abilities to control our own energy. This helps all of us positively contribute to achieving the goals of the groups we are in. The methods presented here can be used to frontload learning, to sustain group momentum, to energize initiatives and to provide new streams of insight during processing.
Booth 508

Thursday, April 28


Craig Boykin round  The Athletic Trap Craig J. Boykin  Punishing Trauma Craig J. Boykin

Craig Boykin
Consultant, Craig Boykin, LLC, Montgomery, AL

The Athletic Trap!
The U.S. ranks 25th on the international testing scale. America’s obsession with televised sports further exacerbates an immense problem. The United States habitually spends more tax dollars per high-school athlete than per high-school math student unlike most countries worldwide. Is it any question why America as a country is falling behind on the international educational rankings? The misdirected emphasis on sports can be found in many urban school districts. Sports programs that aren’t paired with strict academic guidelines are harmful to Black males in two ways. For decades, Black males in the United States have fallen behind in academic achievement. Many things factor into and contribute to the achievement gap. But one dynamic is becoming impossible to ignore; Significant disparities in the way Black males are treated by teachers and school administrators. 

Punishing Trauma: Scars That School Suspensions & Serving Time Won't Heal!
One thing more important than what you teach is who you teach knowing and understanding your students emotionally yields tremendous relational dividends. 50% of any interaction with a student is you. This means that unless we as educators are willing to look at ourselves and our reactions, no tools or skills are going to work in the classroom or in any other situation where we are having challenges with a child. Instead of judging kids or punishing kids, hopefully you’ve figured out that kids are just trying to do the best they can to communicate whatever pain or distress lives inside of them. So now what do you do? The bad news is that there is no manualized program, no one-size fits all solution, no magic wand we can wave. Childhood trauma usually comes as the result of a breach in relationship and trust, and the best way to heal it is to rebuild those things, slowly, painstakingly, and with a lot of patience.
Booth TBD 

Dr. Bettina Love  We Want to Do More Than Survive Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom Dr. Bettina Love

Dr. Bettina Love
Associate Professor of Educational Theory & Practice, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

We Want to Do More Than Survive
Drawing on her life’s work of teaching and researching in urban schools, Bettina Love persuasively argues that educators must teach students about racial violence, oppression, and how to make sustainable change in their communities through radical civic initiatives and movements. She argues that the US educational system is maintained by and profits from the suffering of children of color. Instead of trying to repair a flawed system, educational reformers offer survival tactics in the forms of test-taking skills, acronyms, grit labs, and character education, which Love calls the educational survival complex.

To dismantle the educational survival complex and to achieve educational freedom—not merely reform—teachers, parents, and community leaders must approach education with the imagination, determination, boldness, and urgency of an abolitionist. Following in the tradition of activists like Ella Baker, Bayard Rustin, and Fannie Lou Hamer, We Want to Do More Than Survive introduces an alternative to traditional modes of educational reform and expands our ideas of civic engagement and intersectional justice.
BOOST Booth 0101 & 0105

Robert Murphy round  NIAS AINT ASTRONAUTS2.0 Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy (He/Him/His) 
President, Comprehensive Discipline Solutions, Fort Washington, MD 

Ni@$as Ain’t Astronauts
Ni@$as Ain’t Astronauts is a passionate memoir about Bobby, a black boy growing up in and out of Detroit, Michigan.  

Bobby’s story is filled with vivid characters like his raucous and outspoken mother “Kay”, while sisters Sandy and Karen try to guide and protect their little brother from the “dreadful” Detroit street culture. Bobby’s story is filled with remarkable and historic moments by confronting familial flaws, discovering an identity constantly under pressure because of race and class, all the while trying to maintain his humanity and dignity in a dramatically, changing city. Bobby goes from lovable child to an angry teenager who flirts with the lure of the streets. As the intensity and instability of his childhood builds to unbelievable challenges, Bobby must make a decision that is rooted in life or death to ensure he makes it manhood.
Booth 125


Dr. Rosa Isiah round Beyond Conversations About Eace Dr. Rosa Isiah 

Dr. Rosa Isiah
Director of Elementary, Equity, & Access, Speaker, Author, RpIsiah, LLC, Hawthorne, CA

Beyond Conversations About Race
Beyond Conversations About Race: A Guide for Discussions with Students, Teachers, and Communities is a book that promotes crucial conversations in support of antiracism and equity in education. Beyond Conversations About Race provides the reader with scenarios, discussions, and specific topics that promote dialogue and action.
Booth TBD

Keren Taylor round  This Moment book Keren Taylor

Keren Taylor
Executive Director, WriteGirl, Los Angeles, CA 

This Moment: Bold Voices From WriteGirl
In "This Moment: Bold Voices from WriteGirl," we asked girls what gets them fired up, and they told us: Their beloved music playlist, breaking boundaries, mothers, sisters, skateboarding, helicopters, friends drifting apart, climate change, regret, lemon meringue pie, community injustice, and school violence. In This Moment, 180 teens share stories, poems, memoirs, scripts, and songs about their hopes and fears, loves and losses, amigas and pan dulce, as they navigate a challenging present and uncertain future with determination and grace. Their words inspire reflection and ignite action. Their zeal is contagious, so we’ve included a Creativity Starter Kit so that you too can write about what gets you fired up.
Booth TBD

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