Attending BOOST this year was an absolutely amazing experience. This year was also the very first time I was presenting a workshop to very supportive and engaged Educators. Coming all the way from Australia to attend this international conference is an absolute pleasure. You soon begin to realize that being at a BOOST Conference you start to become part of a family. A family of dedicated, generous and highly motivated teams who want to change the lives of all the children they care for in After School. BOOST is more than just a conference once a year. BOOST is about the people, the experiences, the learnings, and most importantly the generosity at the heart of everything. Traveling across from the other side of the world helps me realize we all have the same passion to provide Safe, Fun, Engaging and Quality services to our kids and their families. I book this in my calendar to attend every year – Don't miss out, it truly is a lifetime experience.

I have the fortunate opportunity to travel and present at many conferences around the US through my work and I can hand on heart say that the BOOST conference was the most organized and put together out of all I have attended. The energy was infectious, the location was beautiful and all of the BOOST staff were welcoming and helpful. We (High 5) will definitely be coming back.

The BOOST Conference gets better and better each year! The quality of the workshops and presentations, plus the joyful camaraderie of being with inspiring educators from near and far make BOOST an amazing learning experience for our staff. Thanks to BOOST for being an innovative platform for transformation in Expanded Learning!

BOOST is everything it sets out to be—inviting and enthusiastic, informative and relevant, impactful and socially charged, and, above all, a place for passionate educators to come together and feel like family. I have presented at BOOST twice (in 2016 and 2018), and my experience with the BOOST leadership committee and the entire volunteer team has been welcoming, positive, encouraging, and nurturing of the message I wanted to convey. I look forward to BOOST every year, whether I am presenting or participating and learning alongside my peers—Tia and her team care about what they are doing with every part of their hearts, and it's conveyed into every aspect of this amazing experience.

I can think of one word that sums up the BOOST experience: Awesome and Incredible! (I will plan on attending a session on simple math!) Seriously, as an attendee and a presenter, I have loved being part of the BOOST conference for several years and always come away inspired, informed, and energized. The speakers and break-out sessions are always top-notch, and the opportunity for networking and learning from your peers is invaluable. To go along with all the fun social events and activities, I also appreciate that everything is so well planned and organized, as this reflects the professionalism of the conference and those who run it!

BOOST is a conference that EVERY educator should attend because the workshops and speakers share expertise, resources, and strategies that are applicable to all educational settings. In addition, the atmosphere that is one of family that stimulates a sense of belonging from the moment that you register! I have already recommended the conference to many of my colleagues!

I treasure the opportunity to present at BOOST and connect with such enthusiastic people who love providing great enrichment opportunities for kids! It's also the place to meet the leaders in the field and hear the latest issues. Finally, the BOOST staff is AWESOME and go out of their way to make sure everything runs smoothly and that the workshops are a success! What more could you ask? ☺

The community and culture at BOOST are inclusive, supportive, and uplifting. I choose to present and attend every year because I gain so much from being around other champions who share similar passions. Many partnerships and friendships have been formed over the years at BOOST and I am grateful to have been introduced and now apart of this change-making family.

I have attended the BOOST Conference for several years and I am always eager for the next one! As both a presenter and vendor, this conference is extremely well-organized with a wide variety of attendees. It provides an atmosphere for meaningful networking along with a lot of positive energy! Major kudos to BOOST for the effort they put into making this an amazing conference experience!

BOOST fosters the kind of environment that makes lasting connections possible. Through our attendance at BOOST, the National Girls Collaborative Project has met several unexpected partners, with whom we have worked together on interesting projects that likely never would have happened if not for that unique encounter. The BOOST Conference facilitated our 'out-of-the-box' thinking.

BOOST is an amazing conference experience! The BOOST team does a terrific job creating" an outstanding environment for connecting, learning and all-around fun. Presenting there was a complete delight.

If you’re looking for innovative and purposeful partnerships, the BOOST Conference is the place to find them.

I LOVE attending and presenting at BOOST! The atmosphere is always super positive and the attendees are energized, engaged, open-minded, and ready to play, learn, and share their knowledge. The BOOST Team is fantastic to work with, they are always available and ready to help with whatever is needed, and they truly create a space where everyone feels like a VIP. BOOST is truly a great space to connect, inspire, be inspired, and reaffirm that the people dedicated to working with youth are doing amazing things. I leave each year with my head and heart filled up and excited about returning for the next one!

This is my first year presenting at the BOOST Conference and I was so thrilled to be invited! It's so important that the voice of students be included in discussions about education and about after school programs so it was wonderful to be able to share my ideas in my student-led workshop. Everyone came with an open mind and we had some great discussions -lots of positive energy! Thanks again for including me.

The BOOST Conference naturally stands out as a great summit for our field to demonstrate its work, inclusive of both practice and research. That goes without saying. But the true worth of this gathering in the desert is the "unstructured" times of brainstorming and discussion that we have enjoyed as colleagues since the inception of BOOST. Our youth leadership program has a tagline that reads, "define your space." It communicates the importance of any one individual being the architect behind the look and feel of the space they occupy. BOOST is a great representation of this philosophy. As a participant and presenter, I have come to define my work, relationships, impact, and outlook for our future in the space called BOOST. Anyone worth their salt will testify to the fact that "free time" in this space is where our true ambitions are weighed against! Thank you to Tia and her unique team of dreamers and doers for trusting us with this space!

This was my first time presenting at the BOOST Conference and I was really impressed with the energy and participation of the participants! Everyone came to the table eager and ready to learn! The participants thought outside the box, were creative, and demonstrated a commitment to their learning and to their organizations as a whole! Regarding the conference as a whole, I speak and attend many different conferences, and I can honestly say, there was a true sense of engagement and community amongst the staff, participants, and presenters. It was really great being part of the energy and excitement! ... Oh, and the youth band was phenomenal!!

This is the second year I have presented a meditation workshop for the BOOST Conference and it was once again amazing! It is truly special to see so many people coming together from the around the country to learn how to better serve our youth. The morning meditation by the pool was quite spectacular. I was impressed at the number of people who showed for a 7:30AM class. This is a first-class conference led by a spectacular team at BOOST. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am grateful and already looking forward to next year!

This was my first time presenting at BOOST! I appreciate that the conference atmosphere is smart and lively. The staff set us up for success in our presentation and I especially appreciated having young people stand alongside us as workshop hosts. Big PROPS to the Team at BOOST!

I was thrilled to be able to present at the BOOST Conference. The conference attendees are eager to learn and extremely open to new ideas. I attend many conferences throughout a year and this is one of the most refreshing and reenergizing events of the year. The BOOST staff and crew are top-notch, always available to answer questions and make the event great.

BOOST is an excellent mix of learning, networking, collaborating, inspiring and being inspired by others!

As a team, the Afterschool and Expanded Learning group at AIR presents at many conferences around the country. The BOOST Conference continues to be our favorite for a number of reasons. First of all, Tia and her team really know how to put on a conference. It is clear that a lot of thought goes into not only what tracks and sessions will be most relevant for attendees, but also how best to optimize everyone's time while at the conference. From the morning energizers to the keynote speakers to the poolside receptions, there is plenty of time to connect with some amazing people in the field of afterschool. Second, as a presenter, Tia and her team are great at communicating in advance of the conference and assuring that everything during the conference is going smoothly. And last, but definitely not least, the BOOST Conference manages to attract an engaging audience that is thirsty for information year after year. Add to all of that the beautiful and welcoming destination of Palm Springs, CA and you have a win-win for presenters and attendees. Kudos to the BOOST team!

Outstanding event – This conference is the leader in presenting current issues in the field.

It's an honor to lead workshops at BOOST. The conference is so well organized and attracts attendees who are eager to learn and participate. The BOOST conference is a great venue for presenters because of the location, the organization, and most of all because of the terrific people who attend.

I have been a presenter at the BOOST Conference several times and each time I have been impressed with the professionalism, dedication, and commitment of the team to make my experience a positive one. The BOOST team is excellent at communicating with me as a presenter to make sure all my needs are met. I can tell the team really appreciates the time I take as a speaker to prepare my workshop. Being a presenter at this conference is a pleasurable experience!

I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of the participants in my sessions! They participate in everything and are so excited to take what they learn back to their sites! I get so excited to see the level of commitment these participants have regarding doing what's the best thing for kids! Love it, love it!!!

Over the past 20 years, I have exhibited at about 150 conferences and presented at dozens. Hands down BOOST is absolutely my favorite conference to attend, exhibit and present! Why? The staff is efficient, engaging, upbeat, very organized and a LOT OF FUN. Tia is a great leader and she puts on an amazing conference. The exhibitors have quality products and programs -- the presenters are the top in their field of expertise. If you're in the field of "out-of-school-time" BOOST is THE conference to attend.

This was my first year presenting at the BOOST Conference. The conference was well-organized, with creative social and academic activities that far exceeded most conferences I've been to. The energy among the attendees was incredible, with opportunities to meet and network around every corner!

BOOST is always a time for some of the nation's best and brightest in education, specifically around after school programming, to get together, fellowship, discuss ways to better education; all in an amazing venue. I have met some of the most beautiful people at BOOST. There are tons of workshops and exhibitions that are exciting, interactive and informative.

The BOOST Conference strives to bring together professionals from across the education spectrum. The conference staff was welcoming with every interaction. The atmosphere was fun and engaging, and the Palm Springs area was breathtaking. Through the conference, I was able to make connections with others in the after school and expanded learning community that I otherwise may not have met. As a presenter, the attentiveness to detail provided by the BOOST team enabled me to have a trouble-free session. The BOOST Conference provides a good balance of workshops, networking, and social time to reenergize those on the front lines, at the director level, and doing statewide and national work.

I have presented at the BOOST Conference for over five years. BOOST has one of the most professional systems for supporting a facilitator. The communication is clear from the start about what materials I need to bring to what BOOST provides. The RFP request is clearly defined and clearly BOOST has high expectations for presenter content. At the conference, I always feel supported by the room host and staff. Following the conference, BOOST delivers the evaluations in a timely fashion so I can learn from the experience. All the way through from RFP submission to receiving thank you gifts- the BOOST Staff demonstrates excellence and pure professionalism. I hope to continue to present at BOOST, and represent the conference as well as the conference represents my work and passion.

BOOST is one of the highlights of my year! I love the afterschool spirit of fun and adventure. I see so many friends and am always inspired to take my work to the next level. BOOST has awesome workshops, speakers and now movies...and don't forget the t-shirts!

I had the opportunity to lead a workshop at the BOOST Conference in Palm Springs and it was incredible! It was the first time I was around so many people in one place who care so much about our youth. I met people from all over the world who seemed to be there for the same reason - To make life better for kids! Since the conference, I know the meditation techniques I shared have been put to use by people who attended the workshop from around the USA and Canada. I made new friends and have kept in touch with many of the presenters and attendees. I was impressed with the professional nature of conference and the entire BOOST Team. They were kind, generous and extremely helpful in creating such a beautiful environment for learning to take place. I am already looking forward to the next conference and hope to make this an annual event for myself and The Meditation Initiative.

When I am fortunate enough to present at BOOST, I am confident that the overall conference is well-organized, the sessions will be high-quality, and the participants will be positive, energetic, and happy. These ingredients blend together to set me up to deliver a positive and effective session. BOOST is definitely a class act.

I always have a great experience presenting at BOOST. Participants are engaged, excited and really inventive and talented. I always leave inspired for what is possible in the out-of-school time field after I've spent time with such high-caliber professionals.


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