Before submitting your proposal for the BOOST Conference, you must agree to the following guidelines:

Workshop Session Content & Scheduling

- All workshops are non-commercial and may not be used as promotional opportunities. Presenter(s) will not solicit any business or promote products or services during the workshop sessions (Please note that attendees will be asked for feedback on this matter on the individual workshop session evaluations).

- Any changes made to workshop titles, descriptions, or presenters made after RFP submission will be subject to additional review by the BOOST Conference Leadership Team. We are unable to guarantee that your workshop will be accepted due to changes in the above areas and may affect your opportunity to present a workshop at the BOOST Conference.

- Presenters must be available to present on any of the 3 conference days, if necessary. We are unable to accommodate specific requests for workshop time slots.

- I acknowledge that I will have a Room Host in my workshop to monitor workshop attendance, assist me with workshop logistics before, during, and after my workshop, and ensure participants complete workshop evaluations.

Workshop Materials & Supplies

- I agree to submit ALL requested materials to be posted on BOOST Cafe by the requested deadline.

- I agree to provide all handouts and materials for the capacity of the workshop room.

- I agree that my/our BOOST Conference workshop evaluation results will be posted publically on BOOST Cafe after the conference.


- The BOOST Conference Leadership Team recognizes one main presenter only for each workshop for communication and registration purposes.

- The BOOST Conference Leadership Team must be able to communicate directly with the main presenter.

- It is the sole responsibility of the main presenter to communicate any pertinent workshop information and/or conference updates directly to co-presenters and/or panel members.

Audio/Visual Equipment

- All presenters are solely responsible for providing their own laptops, LCD projectors, DVD players, CD players, speakers, and internet service.

- All presenters will be provided a flip chart & markers as well an A/V Support Package (including tripod screen with skirt; cart with skirt; and all cables including power strip, and an extension cord). Any additional A/V equipment will be the responsibility of the presenter.

Travel & Other Conference Related Costs

- Only the main presenter of each workshop will receive the special presenter conference registration rate of $199. Please note that only one person from an agency may receive the special presenter conference registration rate, regardless of the number of workshops an agency facilitates. (Any and all additional presenters, including co-presenters, panel members, and additional agency members must pay full price registration.)

- All presenters including all co-presenters, panel members & additional agency members must pay the respective conference registration rate by the registration deadline. If presenter(s) is/are not registered by the online registration deadline, they are responsible for registering on-site and paying on-site fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- All presenters are responsible for paying their own travel, lodging, material, and other conference-related costs.

- By submitting an RFP I acknowledge that I have adequate funding in my budget to attend this conference.


- I understand that not abiding by the above guidelines will jeopardize my standing as a presenter for this conference, as well as future BOOST Collaborative events.

- I understand that I am financially responsible for any damages to the workshop room within the facility and will pay any charges as a result.


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